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Welcome on the site “Il Rifugio dei Sogni” Volterra


Volterra, born with the VII ème century before J.C, in full heart of the Bronze Age, dominates the valley of Cecina, which extends to the sea.

Ground of contrast on at the same time argillaceous and ochre ground, Volterra is famous for testimonys of Etruscan civilization and the medieval period which it preserves, but also for its typical products of the local arts and crafts (wine, oil, alabaster…).


Volterra which will know all the times, remains nevertheless and par excellence, the city where the Etrusque world will have reached its apogee.



Today, Volterra is a city remained almost unaltered during the course of the centuries, it enables us to admire, among its medieval lanes, the Theatre of Vallebona, the Palate of the Priors of the XIII° century, the Palate of the Court, with its called crenelated tower “Porcellino”, and the superb landscape of the Toscane countryside.

Still surrounded by a good part of its walls, whose 2 doors still remain, Volterra invites you to discovered of his past and its present. Inside its walls, the city abounds in medieval buildings to splendid architecture. It is good to walk there while pressing the paving stones.

Volterra profits from a splendid panoramic sight on the valley which will enable you to contemplate splendid sunsets or to admire the undulating landscape.

In addition to the monuments and many testimonys of art and history, Volterra has three museums of a considerable interest: the Guarnacci Museum, without any doubt one of the Italian museums most important for its remarkable Etruscan and Roman inheritance, made up of alabaster cinéraires and small votive bronzes, among which famous Shade of the Evening, the Art gallery and the Museum Municipal of the Minucci-Solaini Palate with the imposing table of Rosso Fiorentino, the Deposition, and finally the Museum Diocesan, important for the variety of the fabrics, the miniatures and the sculptures of the school of His of the XIV ème century.


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