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Today, many studies have shown the benefits of extra virgin olive oil for health. The olive is an excellent preventive agent against cardiovascular diseases due to its balanced composition of different fatty acids, vitamin E, in oleic acid. Indeed, it tends to reduce the level of "bad cholesterol" in favor of "good cholesterol".

The extra virgin olive oil is highly digestible, its effects are beneficial to the digestive mucosa and gallbladder. Due to the nature of the earth, the exposure of plants and favorable climate, Il Rifugio Dei Sogni produces extra virgin olive IGP Toscano high quality virgin oil.
(I.G.P : Indicazione Geografica Protetta).

 Olive oil: Packing 6 bottles 0,75 L

Of extra virgin olive oil cold pressed


Towards the end of October and the month of November, when the fruits are just maturation, we pick the olives by hand and using poles comb to gather the fruits in nets. Thereafter they are carefully thinned out. A few hours after harvest, they are transported to the mill to be washed, crushed and pressed in cold hard stone. All these traditional methods provide a quality product with a fruity taste and a very low acidity. The oil must rest for several months before bottling.

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For a good conservation of your oil, preferably choose a cool and dark. To keep all its properties, it should be consumed within 18 months of its manufacture.


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